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Peranakan/Baba Nyonya Food in Malacca

Apart from the local Malaysian fare, one can find delicacies that are only prepared in Malacca. The Peranakan or Baba Nyonya food till date was only confined to the kitchens of the locals. However it has recently been commercialised and many restaurants preparing these delicacies can be found in Malacca now. The Perankan Malacca dishes are slightly different from those of Penang Peranakan. Malacca also has a string of restaurants serving Portuguese - Eurasian food. Sea food served with curries is also very popular here.

The Peranakan dishes include ayam pongteh which contains chicken cooked in bean sauce, ayam buah keluak which is chicken cooked with a bitter fruit. Peranakan food has a variety of desserts. Another famous dish is Hainanese chicken rice or chicken rice balls. The chicken cooked for this dish is similar to boiled chicken that is served all over Malaysia. However the rice is unique as it is steamed rice that comes in ping - pong sized balls. Another Malaccan delicacy is satay celup which is like lok - lok that is found all over the country. The only difference is that you dip your skewered (crab sticks, fish balls, meat or prawns) in a boiling vat of satay sauce instead of boiling water.

To try local Malay delicacies, try asam pedas (hot and mild sour curry served with white steamed rice), sambal belacan (a super hot side dish), cencaluk (can be found at street stalls near Klebang Beach and is prepared with fermented krills), lemang (glutinous rice cooked in bamboo), ikan bakar (freshly caught grilled fish and crustaceans), kuih udang (popular tea time dish), kuih muih (variety of traditional cake and deserts), roti john (omelette sandwich) and the local burger and hotdogs which is sold at almost all street stall vendors.

To taste some of the best Peranakan food, visit one the restaurants listed below:
  • Restoran Peranakan
    Restoran Peranakan on Heeren Street is the courtyard of a huge Peranakan house. Most standard dishes are available here. Eating at the restaurant would cost about RM 10 - 15 per person.

  • Cafe 1511
    Cafe 1511 serves delicacies at attractive prices in a restored building where the Baba Nonya heritage museum is located.

  • Restoran Ole Sayang
    Restoran Ole Sayang in Melaka Ray is one of the oldest Peranakan restaurants using some of the most original spices and ingredients.

  • Restoran Makko
    Restoran Makko is located close to Ole Sayang and is closed on Tuesdays.

  • Jonker Walk
    Jonker Walk serves mainly drinks and deserts. The must try here are nyonya laksa (laksa with coconut milk) and cendol.

  • Kapitan House
    Kapitan House is a 5 star restaurant with authentically cooked food by Nyonya families.
To have Chinese delicacies, visit:
  • Famosa Chicken Rice Ball which is a huge restaurant serving chicken rice balls. The restaurant also has branches in Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall, Jalan Bendahara Jaya Jusco Malacca in Ayer Keroh and Tesco Malacca.

  • Hoe Kee is also popular for its chicken rice balls. It is advised to get here early as tables become full very quickly and most often advance bookings are needed. The tiny restaurant has been operating for decades, but still attracts lots of customers.

  • Capitol Satay Celup is located at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and is popular for its satay celup. The best part of this outlet is that you pay at the end of the meal, with all the skewers being counted as you eat. The price of the skewer ranges from RM 0.50 to RM 1.

  • Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle is located out of the town and is very popular for its fried pork and beef chop or pig trotter noodles in soup.
For other delicacies, visit:
  • Coconut House Studio
    Coconut House Studio located on Heeren Street is popular for its thin-crust pizzas cooked in wood fired ovens. The restaurant has been recently completely renovated. The restaurant also has a branch in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Geographer Cafe
    Geographer Cafe located on Jonker Walk is a comfortable and lively restaurant and bar. For some of the best street food in Malacca, visit

  • Jalan Kee Ann Night Open Air Eating Stalls which are operational from 18:00 to 23:00 hours every day. The open air eating stalls serve yew keeow, popia, won ton me, sup kambing, sugar cane water, satay, etc.

  • Tengkera Mee Soup is located along Jalan Tengkera near the Tengkera Mosque and serves Chinese styled Halal noodles.
Melaka Raya is where Malacca's nightlife can be found with some of the best pubs and discos. When in Malacca, try cendol which is a sweet drink made with coconut milk, gula Melaka (local sugar made from palm sap) and lurid green noodles. Try this and more at:
  • Clock Tower Cendol
    Situated by the Malacca River across the Red Square clock tower, this store is run by an Indian-Muslim hawker. Various varieties of cendol including plain cendols or red bean cendols are available. These are wonderful thirst quenchers.

  • Limau Limau Cafe
    Located on the Jonker Street, this Cafe serves a big selection of fresh juices, lassi and milkshakes. It is popular for its Lavazza Coffee.

  • Libra Restaurant and Cocktail House
    Located on Jonker Street, the Libra Restaurant and Cocktail House serves a selection of beers and cocktails.

  • Honky Tonk Haven Cafe
    Little pub at Jalan Lorong which offers the beautiful view of the Melaka River. The pub is run by a musician and his wife. Live music is also on sometimes.

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